the salt room at hotel La Serenella in Moena
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The salt room "L gloriet dal sal" in our spa hotel in Val di Fassa

For a regenerating and purifying holiday, to feel renewed and forget stress: our spa hotel in Val di Fassa, Moena, dedicates a salt room to its Guests inside its wellness centre.

An experience suitable for all ages, there are no adverse effects. Instead, it is a real remedy with important positive results for the body and mind. At the Hotel La Serenella, you can access this special environment that can create a microclimate that is rich in iodine and microelements, thanks to the salt that gives powerful beneficial effects.

The power of salt, thanks to its ability to absorb humidity, is above all a natural anti-stress remedy. Try it during your holidays in our spa hotel in the Dolomites: A session in the salt room can amplify relaxation, relieve stress, decongest, boost the immune system and alleviate tiredness and discomfort in the respiratory tract by improving circulation.

It is ideal for sportspeople after an intense day of physical activity in the mountains of Trentino, and for those who want to free themselves from accumulated stress.

Use of the salt room is not recommended for those who are allergic to iodine and who suffer from impaired cardiac function and severe arterial hypertension.

A session lasts around 30 minutes, within which you can comfortably take a seat and relax, breathing in the iodine-rich air. You will be cradled by the calming melody that accompanies the chromotherapy and pampers you.