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A sustainable hotel in Trentino with “Ecoristorazione” certification

We are proud to inform you that our restaurant in Moena, Val di Fassa, has received “Ecoristorazione” certification. This is a mark of environmental quality that requires the restaurant to meet specific prerequisites and rewards our eco hotel in Trentino’s commitment to implementing good conduct with a view to protecting the environment.

Every day, we are committed to small and big environmentally-friendly actions:

  • we offer menus with Trentino produce: in our menu, you will find ingredients exclusively sourced from around Trentino
  • we use organic food: organically-farmed food is used in our menu
  • we limit our use of single portion products
  • tap water is available to order
  • we exclusively use energy-saving lighting systems
  • we use environmentally friendly cleaning products
  • we are available at any time to share information with you regarding our commitment towards the environment and good environmental practices

Since it attained the Ecolabel brand, Hotel La Serenella Piaceri & Sapori has been careful to care for nature, wherever possible limiting its own impact on the geography of Trentino and Val di Fassa.

We aim to offer you an authentic Piaceri & Sapori (Pleasure & Taste) holiday in our 3-star hotel in Moena, sharing the passion and love for the environment around us, which gives us new emotions every day, with you.

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