Detail of a table set for breakfast at the Hotel La Serenella's Restaurant A special shrimp dish at La Serenella Detail of a shrimp dish made by our chef
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Gluten free restaurants in Italy: A flavourful holiday in our hotel in Trentino

A holiday must be enjoyable for everybody: even for those suffering from coeliac disease. For you looking for gluten free restaurants in Italy, Hotel La Serenella is the perfect place.

The food created by our chef Jan will unite acknowledgement of the needs of coeliac people with the taste and beauty of traditional dishes from Val di Fassa. Everybody can go on holiday in our celiac friendly hotel in Moena, Val di Fassa.

We offer gluten free menus and breakfasts made with recipes for coeliac people (except during the Christmas period, New Year, Epiphany and August). Recipes cooked with the expert and attentive hand of the family chef, with all the care required from the choice of ingredients to their preparation. The pleasure of creatively following a coeliac diet, the flavour of parallel menus in our celiac friendly restaurant!

Please let us know about your special diet needs when making your reservation.