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Hotel La Serenella with a Private Spa: a relaxing holiday in Val di Fassa

In Trentino a precious wellness flower is ready to bloom: the Hotel La Serenella in Moena cannot wait to welcome you in its wellness centre.

Discover the wellness area "Ega", a term that in Ladin means "water", one of the main elements of our SPA.

Book your private relax and enjoy yourself.

With our private SPA experience we choose to prioritize privacy and relax : each reservation guarantees the exclusive use of the whole wellness centre which gets completely cleaned between each use.

At your disposal you'll find: hydro massage, sauna, salt room, ice shower, Turkish bath, emotional shower, three different relaxing areas with herbal teas and in summer direct access to our outside garden. Bathrobe and towels.

The entry fee for your one hour private access is 40 euros for 2 people + 10 euros for any additional person. The rate includes slippers and towel and bathrobe rental.


Hydro massage "L lech dal bon star"

Discover the pleasure of a relaxing massage and the feeling of lightness for the whole body.

The world of water has come to the Hotel La Serenella Piaceri & Sapori, in our Spa in Moena, Trentino. The precious hydro massage corner where you can lie back, close your eyes and let yourself be lulled by the bubbling water.

The benefits of hydrotherapy and massotherapy in the hydro massage pool will embrace you energetically.

Turkish Bath "Le ghebe"

The pleasure of dedicating time to yourself and the aromas that blend with the steam.

Our Spa hotel in Moena in Val di Fassa has a Turkish bath: a closed and protected refuge where the invigorating and relaxing high humidity reduces and relieves stress.

This is a treatment that has multiple benefits: it purifies the body and stimulates circulation and purification of the skin.

Sauna "Te stua ciauda"

The pleasure of freeing the mind surrounded by complete silence and the feeling of heat on your skin…

Experience the relaxation of a Spa holiday in Trentino, let yourself be overtaken by the feeling of wellbeing in our sauna: a warm embrace to regenerate the body and mind.

3 Different Relaxation Areas

The pleasure of a peaceful pause in a comfortable and cosy atmosphere.

Relaxation to regenerate the body and mind: after the sauna and Turkish bath you can let yourself be enchanted by our island of peace and serenity. Moments of pure pleasure in our hotel: try our herbal tea corner where you can sample beneficial infusions and purifying herbal teas or relax on our heated water beds.

The salt room "L gloriet dal sal"

Our 3-star hotel in Moena with wellness centre dedicates the salt room to its guests.
The air rich in iodine and the salt to be passed on the skin for a natural scrub are a real cure with important positive results for body and mind.
At Hotel La Serenella you can enjoy this special environment that creates a microclimate rich in iodine and trace elements, thanks to the salt present, which releases powerful beneficial effects.
A session in the salt room can amplify relaxing, deflating, decongesting, boosting the immune system, relieving fatigue and respiratory tract discomfort, and improving circulation.