hotel La Serenella - the family hotel la Serenella in Moena back in 1960 La Serenella - the family in a black and white shot
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Hotel La Serenella: a family tradition in the heart of Moena

The roots of La Serenella: lilac flowers

The Hotel La Serenella in the heart of Moena, in Val di Fassa, is an authentic place dedicated to those who love good things and traditions.

The name “La Serenella” comes from the flower known in English as the lilac: in 1953, the year the hotel was built the lilac was just a small shrub in the family garden: the beauty of the flower immediately captured the attention of Angelina and Giovanni the first owners, who decided to name the hotel after the flower.

Over the years the Hotel has been passed down through the generations to their children and then grandchildren. La Serenella is an important part of our family’s life and an integral part of our tradition.

Piaceri & Sapori, our philosophy

The new Hotel La Serenella Piaceri & Sapori in Moena has been renewed to offer you even more precious moments in Val di Fassa. Not just a vacation in the mountains, but a double dream: the pleasures (“Piaceri” in Italian) and tastes (“Sapori” in Italian).

We are very attached to our traditions and we want to convey in the most natural way these two cornerstones of the new La Serenella: this is why pleasures become Piaceri, and tastes become Sapori.

A new philosophy, for values and care that have always characterized our work and we want to share with you. The same simplicity and naturalness, but enriched with new romantic notes.

Our pleasures are a warm family welcome, among the fabulous scenery of the Dolomites. The pleasure of feeling good, being pampered, spending unforgettable moments with your family, while enjoying excellent food.

Our tastes are the uniqueness of Jan's cuisine, his seasonal menus. The taste of a family vacation, of the crisp mountain air, of well-being and traditions.

Come and experience these wonderful emotions!