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Anti covid-19 safety measures

These are the main procedures we have in place:

  • Constant cleaning and sanitization of all spaces in the facility, rooms, common areas and halls.
  • Strict sanitization and cleaning of all possible points of contact (door handles, elevators, reception counters, common bathrooms, etc. ...), which are disinfected several times a day.
  • Provide all staff with the necessary personal protective equipment
  • Hand sanitizers located in various areas of the hotel
  • Training of our staff to ensure compliance with safety protocols
  • Possibility of online check-in
  • Simplified check-in and check-out procedures
  • Communications via Whatsapp
  • Personal protective equipment available on request for guests
  • To guarantee a high igyene standard the wellness center "Ega" will be open following the newest anti-Covid rules
    and will be on reservation and by payment only.

From 10 January 2022 until the end of the state of emergency, the reinforced Green Pass is also required to access hotels and all the services of the accommodation facilities, outdoor catering services, ski lifts and for the use of means of transport included local or regional public transport.